Evolution gaming is undoubtedly the biggest player in online casino gaming software. However, its position is gradually coming into Netent's sharp focus. Netent is doing its best to catch up, as is evident on topnetentcasinos where interesting titles are showcased. While both companies seem to be going head-to-head in almost every aspect, Netent has room to improve and gain more ground in the casino industry.

Netent vs Evolution Gaming: Reputable Casino Playground

The authenticity of any online casino game may be assessed on the premise of the casinos offering them. Both Evolution gaming and Netent have excelled in this department, ensuring that they supply their games to reputable casinos with proper licensing and jurisdiction. You can visit https://www.cwmarsens.com to have a look at some of the top games from each of these giant software providers.

Disreputable casinos can dent the image of software providers. This is because players may hate the games instead of the casino when they feel short-changed or cheated out of their winnings. Consequently, Netent and Evolution Gaming have gone to great lengths to ensure their games feature only on reputable playgrounds. On this front, Netent and Evolution Gaming are on the same level.


The Gaming Platform

When it comes to game selection, Evolution Gaming beats Netent hands down. In fact, no other gaming software company comes close to Evolution Gaming in terms of games. Evolution Gaming continues to church out title after title, all user-friendly and awe-inspiring. Their games range from classic table games to VIP blackjack tables. They also feature low-stake and fun-filled titles, as well as customized games.

Netent too has a wide variety of games but does not come close to Evolution Gaming. It has developed a unique feature labeled Common-Draw which allows players from different countries to lay stakes in whichever currency they use. despite attracting many players worldwide, this feature has not sone much to close the gap between Netent and Evolution Gaming. Netent continues to lag behind.

Netent vs Evolution Gaming: User Interface

As for the user interface, Netent comes out on top. Players on Netent enjoy advanced features that provide critical information on the game in progress. Such information include the player's last game history and in-game statistics. This user interface may contribute largely to the success of Netent players as it enables them to make calls better than their counterparts on Evolution gaming.

Evolution Gaming does have a great interface too but just can't match Netent's. It gives players a smooth experience playing their favorite slots and avails all the conventional features on-screen. However, it does not afford players in-game information, such as game history, which would help them to make important gaming decisions. Consequently, Netent sweeps ahead of Evolution gaming on this platform.

The Final Word

It is a close contest between Netent and Evolution Gaming. However, Evolution Gaming seems to have forged ahead on several fronts. It beats Netent on game selection and in-game betting features. Netent comes out strongly on the best user interface. Still, you may not really choose Evolution Gaming over Netent on account of game selection and betting features alone. Choose whichever appeals to you.