Before the advent of online slots, land-based casinos made a fortune with the traditional slots machines that operated by pulling down a lever. Most of the complaints by players at the time was the cases of rigged slots to make the house edge. With the advent of online casinos, it presented a lee way to get away from the frustrations of losing your money blindly with the slot machines. However, the question still remains, are online slots such as at 1netentcasino rigged? We answer some of the most burning questions about how these slot machines operate within the online casino.

How Do Online Slots Work?

Unlike mechanical slots, online slots work with algorithms that feature a series of codes within the architecture of the slot machine. The slot machines still mimic the reels from traditional slot machines, but deep within the attractive graphics and features, lies lines of codes that run through the screen a viewed at linareva-diving . What exactly are the algorithms in place, and what do they stand for with your winnings? Well, first off is the return to player rates, which dictates the amount payable by a casino on the wagered stakes to the player after finishing all rounds.

The return to player refers to the amount of money that a layer expects to win back after wagering with the slot machine payable by the online casino. As a strategy to attract players, the online casinos offer a higher RTP rate, which means the players can keep a large percentage of their winnings from the online casino. Most of the high paying casino games at NetEnt, feature high RTP values of above 95%. This means when you hit the jackpot after wagering your money, and you stand a high chance of winning back high returns on the reels.

What About the Random Number Generator?

At NetEnt, for ensuring fairness with their slot machines, it makes use of a random number generator. What exactly is a random number generator and how does it ensure fairness with the slot machines? The RNG is a written code engraved in the architecture of the slot machine. With the RNG, it ensures the generation of random numbers which is fed to the slot machine. With the random numbers, the slot machine ensures production of random results each time a player spins the reels. This ensures your chances of winning are the same from one player to the next.

  • RNG coincide with the RTP
  • RNGs are tested and approved

The RNG display a set of numbers each time a players spins the reels when playing an online slot. The generated numbers turn into random outcomes as viewed on the screen which leads to different combinations on the paylines. Even though people think there are high or low times at the slot machines, the RNG has a low memory each time a player spins by becoming oblivious of past events. The system does not feature any memory for the player hence does not dictate the time to issue a win or a loss when spinning the reels at the online casino.


How to Ensure You Play with Fair Slots?

First off, you should mind the nature of the online casino with which you are gambling from. Carry out some research of the casino before proceeding to wager your money on the reels. You can start by checking through the licensing information of the online casino to it is legitimate. For example, at NetEnt, it is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. The regulatory bodies ensure the testing and approval of the RNG at online casinos to ensure it meets the international standards. A certification for the casino games is also available at the online casino.